ULTIMATE MM ORGANIZER for multiple LV handbags and totes

ULTIMATE MM ORGANIZER for multiple LV handbags and totes

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Here’s your Ultimate MM Organizer Insert if you have an Artsy MM, Neverful MM, Speedy 30/35, Graceful MM, Delightful MM, Palermo PM & GM and even the Triangle Softy

📐MEASUREMENTS:  11.4L x 7.1H x 5.9W inches

🏷Each set will include an insert/organizer and a removable pouch and removable cylindrical holder that attach to main insert which also serve as a divider

🏷There are 5 colors to choose from: Pink, Fuchsia & Beige, Red and Black 

🏷It has a removable key holder so you don’t lose your keys in amongst all the pretties you carry😁

🏷There are multiple open pockets and a zippered pocket for the ultimate organizaton - 9 in total!

     1️⃣ Main insert: 1 zippered pocket; 5 open pockets inside:  3 on one side and 2 on the opposite side:  1 open pocket on the outside.  

     2️⃣Detachable Pouch: 1 zippered pocket and 1 open cylindrical holder 


💞Thank you for looking💞

Measurements of the bags this organizer can fit in:

(Organizer:   11.4L x 9.0H x 7.1W inches)

👜Artsy MM:   18.1L x 12.6H x 9.4W inches

👜Neverfull MM:  12.6L x 11.4H x 6.7W inches

👜Speedy 30:  11.8L x 8.3H  x 6.7W inches

👜Speedy 35:  13.0L x 8.75H  x 7.5W inches

👜Graceful MM:  16.1L  x 13.8H x 5.5D inches

👜Delightful MM:  20.0L x 13.0H x 6.0W inches

👜Palermo PM:  15.25L x 9.0H x 6.5D inches

👜Palermo GM:  13.5L (at base) x 17.25L (widest at top) x 13.5H x 7.75W inches

👜Triangle Softy:  12.5L x 12.0H x 6.0D inches